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Name: RML 2411 – Routemaster

Year: 1966

Capacity: 72 Passengers


PA System
Open Platform


A British Icon! One of the few RML’s that has been returned back from the modernised fleet to a more traditional feel. With original style seating and soft interior lighting reinstated, you have the ability to carry 72 people but in a really retro way.

RML2411 (affectionately known as Trudy) was built over 50 years ago in 1966. RML stands for Routemaster Lengthened – it is 30ft long and seats 72. It was originally fitted with an AEC engine but this was replaced by a Cummins C in the RML refurbishment program of the early 90's. The bus is one of a hundred vehicles that were originally delivered in Green built for the London Country area. In 1980, it moved to Stockwell Garage where it was repainted inton London Red and it finished service in 2003, operating Route 12 between Dulwich and Oxford circus.

We acquired the vehicle in 2012 and it's since been fully restored including original seating and a PA system making the bus ideal for tours.

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RegistrationChassisBody NumberSeatingNewOwnerFleetnumber
JJD411D AEC Rm R2RH/1/2425 PR L5689 H40/32R 2/1966 London Transport RML2411

Allocation History

  • 2/66 WR trainer (Windsor)..
  • 2/66 HE new into service on 363 (+305, 326, 362, 455) (High Wycombe) 1967 HE
  • 11/68 HE to Aldenham repaint, and return
  • 11/68 NF transfer for 480 (Norhfleet)
  • 12/68 WR transfer
  • 1/69 HE transfer
  • 1/70 HE transfer to London Country
  • 71-2 HE
  • 3/73 HE to overhaul
  • 3/73 WR from o/h
  • 74-6 WR
  • 1/77 WR
  • 4/78 WR used on 407
  • 2/80 WR used on 452
  • 2/80 WR withdrawn (CoF expiry)
  • 2/80 bought by London Transport Aldenham overhaul, retained B2411, repainted red
  • 6/80 SW return to service
  • 12/83 overall ad for Lyle and Scott: jockey shorts
  • 3/85 repainted red
  • 1990 fitted with Cummins engine
  • 1993 refurbished
  • 9/94 Q privatised, London Central (Go-Ahead), on 12
  • 1995 Q route-branded for 12
  • 12/97 Q London Central
  • 1999 Q
  • 5/00 used on High Wycombe Running Day
  • 01-2 Q used on 12
  • 11/03 sold to Ensign Bus (Purfleet)
  • 8/04 bought by Expression Executive Travel, Lapley, Staffordshire
  • 7/08 used on DLR supplementaries
  • 10/07 bought by London Heritage, Ely: named "Trudy" by 7/10 repainted by London Bus & Truck, Northfleet
  • 10/11 used at "World Skills London" event
  • 8/12 sold to Ensign Bus (Purfleet)
  • 12/12 sold to Midland Bus Hire, Birmingham
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Please thank your driver and all the team for everything the excellent job they did for my daughter's wedding at Swinfen Hall. Attention to detail can make or break a wedding day - thank you for your help which made sure the day will live fondly in our memories for the rest of our lives.
Judy Smith